The One about Fulfillment

I’ve a little personal tradition, every year on my birthday I give myself a word for the next year. Its been a fun little way to see how everything connects together and to see how a theme, so to speak, develops in my life.

29: The year of FUN

30: The year of ADVENTURE

31: The year of LOVE

And this last year, 32: The year of FULFILLMENT

This last year has been a great unfolding of my simple mind as I have embraced the beauty of true fulfillment… that it will never be found in a person or things, it is found in our greatest Lover and in his good and perfect gifts.

I’ve realized that fulfillment ts not always tangible or loud. Fulfillment is often to be found in the everyday ordinary. It is rooted in thankfulness, and when we see the gifts, we see how beautiful and full our life really is. We see our good and perfect Father loving us well and giving us the countless desires of our heart.

32 fulfilled desires:

  • Finding my sphere of influence and affecting change within it
  • The longing to see friends and family met with an anonymous donation so I could afford the plane ticket
  • Becoming a runner and overall, becoming healthier
  • A group of women who made me laugh, made me cry when they left, challenged me, encouraged me and lived life with me
  • Needs met while I traveled and adventured and a bank account that never seemed to run out
  • God promised me I would not want while serving with Mercy Ships… he has provided for every need, expected or unexpected, with faithful donors
  • Strength to stand up and speak my voice in a relationship
  • Healing from a childhood wound
  • A friendship where I can be my real and vulnerable self… where I can share my dreams without fear and the freedom to run in a field of wildflowers
  • Bold prayers answered out of City Prayer and a woman’s genuine smile, of “trading cards” removed from an antique shop and people’s hearts kindled to see change
  • Closure to a friendship that ended poorly
  • Sharing this Mercy Ships adventure with a best friend
  • Saving a life
  • The weight of a child in my arms
  • Facilitating ways for Crew to bless, serve and love each other well
  • The joy of friends engaged and celebrating them with 100% joy
  • Learning that my fiery passion and assertiveness are not negatives but God given assets
  • Finding my place and being satisfied with it in this season of Mercy Ships
  • Seeing the prayers of many answered in a powerful and perfect way
  • News we will return to Benin
  • Getting to meet my nieces and wake up to their running and wild hugs each morning
  • Being surrounded by very good men
  • Healing to the point of no longer viewing myself a broken doll
  • Striving and hoping and going for a new position and when it didn’t work out, seeing that the role I am in is exactly where I am called to be
  • A filled up and well used thankful journal with thousands of gifts
  • Opportunities to share my heart in devotions, meetings and retreats
  • Protected personal space in crazy beautiful community
  • Words of Truth spoken over me
  • Being a part of something so much bigger than myself and my life… being a part of changing generations
  • The confident knowledge that the unmet desires of my heart are still heard
  • A life of exotic “bucket list” moments I never dreamed possible
  • I can look at myself in a mirror 9 out of 10 days and, not only say it, but believe, “yeah, I’m beautiful, loved and valued”

And so, as I start this next year with a new theme, I also start with a new outlook and deeper sense of joy and peace because I have a better understanding of true fulfillment… resting assured I am not forgotten or an afterthought and that desires met, big or small, lead to a very full and rich life.

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