Endless Gifts (53)

Christmas cheer sent from the Love Villa and Lollie and April … but oh the glitter bomb!


Robyn’s company in the cafe when I found myself on an unexpected evening shift

Three statements of affirmation, a hug with a fatherly kiss and kind words, and thoughtful gestures that nourished my soul

Lots of love in the mail from the Walley and Jack families

Fresh air and a walk under the stars

Because sometimes you just need a laugh and then you see this


Getting a chance to do something I love but rarely get to do anymore… speak at a Community Gathering and present OM and their Advance team to our crew


Merry Christmas yogurt from Dianna

Reading Ted Dekker’s The Drummer Boy at Christmas storytelling night, a beautiful story with an equally beautiful message that will never get old.


Going grocery shopping and the luxury it was to just walk up and down the aisles

The question, “Do you want to stay in a guest cabin for the Christmas week?”

Crew who step up to lead events so we can all have a very merry Christmas

“Love God. Let him love you. Don’t forget to eat your ice cream.” Words to live by

Making memories with the Cash kids and Dunne boys at the 2015 gingerbread house contest

Watching as two friends, separately, validated a homeless woman… they saw her and they didn’t look the other way

“His love is the foundation for unshakable confidence in who we are and what our purpose is.”

Maybe I don’t get to watch the snow fall but watching a long awaited rainstorm was just as peaceful


That moment when patients start coming into the warehouse for Carols by Candlelight and they try to hide how excited they are to do something different… that look is priceless.

Singing a favorite Christmas song with people from over 30 nationalities celebrating the birth of Christ… a tiny taste of what awaits in Glory


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