Endless Gifts (57)

Being able to mean the words, “it is well with my soul”

A market run and seeing my market friends

Finally getting some the Logos Hope ice cream … and yes it was as good as the rumors 😉 and it was shared with very good company


Making progress on a special project with the help of very talented crewmates

Creative outlets that help me to unwind

Friends who cut up fruit for me because they know how much I don’t like to do it


The gift of silence and protected space on this sometimes very crowded ship

… and dark chocolate and peanut butter combos while in said protected space


Bruce jumping in to help when he saw a need

Breakfasts with Amy at Oceans 501

The Keep Cups are finally here!

Sleep in Friday and waffles for breakfast

Tea with Monika while waiting for tours

A time of rest as worship… comfy clothes and sitting on the floor and being told its ok to rest


Also knowing its only five days until a restful trip to Mahambo with the girls

“A commandment is a picture of who God is and a promise of what we can become”

The fourth commandment is to rest

A leader who jumps in to work so her team can have a well deserved day off and the Ghurkas who cooked dinner for us so the Food Services team could rest


A night of prayer with the Africa Mercy and Logos Hope crews and how our two ships have been a blessing to one another

Entertainment from around the world at the Logos Hope International Culture Festival

A very fun second annual Jarty (jean party) and Aussie Bush dance and friends who embrace fun and don’t care how silly it may be

One last Monday Funday with the Logos Hope… dinner on the dock with about 700 people! And the amazing Food Services team (and special help from the hostesses) who made the night a flawless success!


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