Endless Gifts (61)

A bake and bless opportunity and sharing it with a treasured friend

Knowing that when I have no clue what to say, the Spirit will always give me the words that someone needs to hear


Remembering who my worth is found and not what my worth is found in

That I can rest in the knowledge God will always provide

Tuesday mornings

What could have been a blah evening turned out to be a lovely evening out with a cold beer and a good friend


That the hospital is just two flights of stairs away and always open and full of nurse friends who will wrap up your broken finger and take care of you

While waiting to get my finger wrapped I got to watch as the patient in bed 7 on D Ward admired her new face in a handheld mirror… the smile and pride on her face was absolutely divine

When you miss breakfast by five minutes but your friend sends you a message asking if you want a waffle


Getting to eat said waffle off the “You are special” plate

And then getting the gift of a waffle the next morning too!

Marina jumping in last minute to cover a shift

Very sweet and thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts from across the world (thank you April and Katrina!)

A weekend away at the Palm with a five delightful friends, a queen size bed and a pool to lounge by for hours


Rides to and from the Palm

Warm breezes and the sound of rain at night

Bug spray and sunscreen

Pampered, happy and colorful toes for a downright ridiculous price


Meaningful midnight conversations about the future and dreams and God

A night to celebrate some of the women in my life who mean so very much to me here

Girl Scout cookies from Gen hand delivered by Josh


Freedom Sunday and all the organizations out there that are a voice to the voiceless and who are fighting to end human trafficking #moderndayabolitionists #endhumantrafficking

Exodus Cry – Love146 – Landmine Design – Parker Clay – AIM – A21 – International Justice Mission – Red Thread Movement – Courtney’s House – Not For Sale

And support from key people as I start back up City Prayer

A thoughtful and special handmade card from Landmine Design


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