Endless Gifts (83)

Coming home after a frustrating meeting to the gift of a Diet Coke from the ever thoughtful Sandrine

15 minutes alone in the Team House… in complete silence

Another contract signed and the joy that we can support small business

And hearing the magical words, “Can you send it by e-mail, that is more practical”

Being inside a Port again, surrounded by containers and cranes and trucks


Shopping for material for our Advance team outfit with Andrea and Sandrine and then bartering like a local for the best price

Dreaming up new designs

Compliments and encouragements on my use of French

Making a new friend at Customs

The right people in the right jobs

The safe arrival of Pennie and the Immigration process that continues to run flawlessly

Using my airport badge for the first time with absolutely no problems

The new sweatshirts and shirts are here!


The joy letting go to let others fly

That persistence and a big smile while office camping make a difference

Getting more than we asked for

The mobile contract is signed and we are all on postpaid contract lines

An action movie marathon to distract oneself

Interesting podcasts and new facts to learn

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