Endless Gifts (124)

Quick answers to quick prayers for health, strength and energy

Two amazing friends who said such quick prayers

Eric being available to travel to Yaoundé last minute as translator

4 hours of introvert time

Dinner at a Yaoundé favorite

A car and driver to collect us from the bus station

Fruit cut up just for me

Caroline and Femi getting the White House set up for us and dealing with crazy unexpected turn of events

Creative change making and an entertaining taxi driver

Full afternoons and promising meetings thanks to a wonderfully humble contact

Getting the much needed documents for the vehicles

Finally getting a meeting with the right person in Customs and finding a really great solution to a complex process

When someone does better than I would have and it blesses the crew

Further affirmations this season is coming to a close


The oven didn’t explode

The to do list is up and all feels right and ready

Sleeping soundly through the night

Preparing to Fling Wide and Dream Big for Cameroun

A question answered: Love the ordinary, beg for the extraordinary

“You’re Kristin Jack… he won’t not use you”

Introducing Fringe to Sandrine and Liz

So much pineapple!

Knowing when to ask Sandrine to step into a meeting and play the Director card

Knowing friends are being supported well

Peeps party

Celebrating 4 amazing years with Mercy Ships

Finally a scrub and shine Sunday

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