Endless Gifts (125)

Chance encounters that lead to air conditioned ride to my next meeting

Big dreams and believing in immeasurably, infinitely and abundantly more 

Monsieur Bessalo who equally gets it done

The first brewed coffee in the morning 

The visa authorization came through and Sandrine playing Operations Liaison for an afternoon

Nutella bread for lunch

Contracts signed, even better with the happy pen

The whole street helping Caroline and I to get a taxi to the market

Finding Brenda who helped us get the best curtains

African dinner with Caroline and discovering a shared appreciation 

Lemon polenta cake and somehow making it all work even if I don’t have everything I need

Local food lunch with Caroline ans Nyomie and lots of pimenté

Finding my first Cameroonian tissue

The Walley family made it safely to the states and getting to see pictures of a whole lot of fun happening

Introvert day

A sweet gift from a sweet friend…. wrapped and everything 

Quotes on the mirror that remind us of the beauty we carry

Life coach lined up for my re-entry back home 

Really, really good news from a friend

Discovering that massages are affordable again and there is a really great spa within walking distance

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