Endless Gifts (134)

Laughing with Suzanne and Sandrine about all the crazy ship noises we are so used to now and can’t sleep without

Story time in French

Ice cream run after an interesting meal

Finding a very hidden office in a part of town I don’t know at all

Beignet hunting with Caroline

Christian’s kindness and servant’s heart

Songs that bless

Chandler interviews done

Orange money account set up and ready to use

A lovely dinner with Janet and Liz and getting home just before the rain

Remembering Tom and celebrating his vibrant life


Finally getting the Airport meeting in Yaoundé and Suzanne coming with and her encouragement when the meeting didn’t actually happen

Georges kindness and gentle but strong presence, this is a man of God

A goodie bag for the bus trip from house mama Caroline

A ride from Ministry of Transport back the Ministry of Health and not having to squeeze into a falling apart taxi with four other people

When meetings go well and the contact calls another contact and lights a fire under them

The stewardess found a last bottle of water for me

Another “No tears Yaoundé” trip

40 minutes of traffic and a good driver so I could finish signing the docs for the vehicles

Mr. Charles who triple checked the file before it was submitted

Mr. Alfred who kindly printed almost 2,000 documents for us in just under a few hours

The posh bus on the way home

Moulin sandwich instead of the bus sandwich

Coming home to in your face encouragement


“God is exceeds our expectations. That’s just who he is. We cannot ask too much of God.”

That I have really great and understanding parents

Team dinner at Saga Africa with my favorite honey and sesame crevettes and rice dish

When the last seat on a flight can be booked for a friend with a sore heart







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