Endless Gifts (148)

Kind messages from so many about my new role at Girl Catch Fire

Getting to work alongside a woman of passion, conviction, big ideas and FUN!


Letting the roots grow deeper

Girl scout cookies from Gen and Syd


Wisdom and discernment while making a difficult decision

The peace that comes with making said decision, even if it isn’t the decision I thought I was going to make

Catching up with Tanya and a lot of very helpful information

And catching up with Kindsi and sharing our overseas and reentry experiences

Post workout happy hour with Kim… even if the answers to all our problems is just that we are getting old

New offices and a fun mascot to go with it (apparently I’m all about unicorns in 2019)


Facetime with Sandrine and knowing I’ll get to see her and all my beloved Swiss sisters in just a few months!

Marco Polo with Dianna and dreaming up a trip

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein

Playing with Canva and getting to create

Spinning the stress away with my first spin class


A Marvel movie marathon while creating social media platforms

A crisp, clear and perfect night to see the blood wolf moon (or whatever its called)


Celebrating Krissy and the lovely woman and friend she is

An essential oils Make and Take fundraiser and a delightful new body scrub

Quality time with my mama and good conversation over lunch

Maybe, just maybe, finally getting an answer to why I’ve been feeling ill these last six weeks

Chair crisis averted

Registered and oh so excited for the Outcomes conference in April and the perfectly timed gift that made it possible

Sassy new hair for a sassy new season and a daily reminder to keep dreaming even bigger


Quality time with Adriel and sharing life (seriously, next to Jasmine and Sarah she’s my favorite hair stylist!)

A very late and wonderful sleep in

A group of incredible people from the Washington Conservation group who came out to Acres to clean the grounds




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