1,000 Gifts (751-775)

751. Now it’s less than one week until the Advance team is reunited!

752. An afternoon of good food, good conversation and movies with Roguy and his girls


753. Innocent stopping by for dinner

754. A note from Kirstie all the way from Las Palmas.

755. Skype with Kathy after many months and failed attempts!

756. I can tell everyone officially I am moving with Mercy Ships to the land of lemurs and boab trees – Madagascar!

757. A new suitcase for said travel to Madagascar

758. And somehow everything fits in my bags

759. Indian food with Brooke and hearing more of her heart for Benin

760. Photo booth with my little friends


761. Church during a blackout

762. One year ago I met this amazing bunch of people. And even though we are literally in almost every part of the world right now we will always be family 🙂


763. A beautiful new dress

764. Psalm 66 and 103

765. A skype date with the mom and pop

766. BarBar delivery 🙂

767. A trip to the stilt village with Roguy, Jeremy and Papa Pierre

IMG_6148-1 IMG_6146-0

768. A quiet two hours by the water at Hotel du Lac

768. That my friends have finally set sail!

769. Dinner on the beach and yet another beautiful sunset


770. Eye site is finally finished!

771. Lisa is already starting to plan for the return of Suga Bear and Honey Boo at this year’s Chopped! competition


772. The AC in my room breaking because now I sleep with the window open and can hear the frogs, the birds and the goats as I fall asleep and wake up

773. Star gazing on the beach

774. iTunes is back on my computer so I can sync my work!

775. Having dinner with these cuties



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  1. Thanks for the up date. So proud of you and what you are doing.. Have the blankets shown up yet? Know I love you and love telling people about what you are doing. Keep up the good work. Love and Kisses to you Grandma.

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