Endless Gifts (98)

The pharmacy that pre-cuts the pills to fill my prescription so I can sleep through the night pain free

A beautiful road trip with good music and a sweet friend to spend some time with the new On Boarding team


Getting to visit the orphanage my mom and her friends have been supporting for years


A ticket to the Marine Ball at the embassy

When work is easy and mostly just talking

When events run perfectly and without any stress

When friends get to do pretty cool things that they would never have been doing back home

Abby Watrous and Day Crew set up for an MCB course.

A powerful night of teaching and worship as response

Meaningful gifts from a ship sister and hassle free packaging

A wardrobe refresh

Celebrating Dianna Day

Eye screening for the eye program started!

Eye Screening at CNHU

When the finance department spoils me

Only 10 more fire drills but a good fire drill family to pass the time with

Sitting back to watch lightening storms in the distance twice in one week


Papa Stefan prayers and Mickey Mouse ears

Discovering Barbie Savior and the many laughs as I scrolled through

The enormous freedom and deep lasting peace that comes from letting go of pretend and living everyday in the real

Enough energy for a late night run so I could sleep in on Sunday

Hashtags that make me smile

Shared experiences and bursts of laughter


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