Endless Gifts (128)

That moment when the DG across from me says, “Yes, we can help. What do you need?”

Sandrine’s wisdom and discernment in a difficult situation

Shifting into 5th gear after spending 45 minutes in first gear


All four Toyotas are inspected and good to go!

Caroline who made the trip to Toyota and sat in the terrible traffic with me for said inspections all four times

Manda and Joan’s safe arrival

mrning selfie

Early morning walk with Caroline and starting the day with fresh air after a rainstorm

The power outage was only a few hours and was on a cooler morning

Liz boiled water so we could all still have coffee

The HR Team is up and running

When a long slow day ends with back to back good news from Yaounde

A contact who represents Mercy Ships so well

Renee’s zeal and passion

A very sweet and timely and encouraging note from Jillian

Beautiful dresses from Ani at the all too crucial half way point of Advance when all my clothes are looking quite blah to me (and Caroline loving African clothes as much as I do)

benin dresses

The possibility of new tailor in Cameroon (but really, I don’t think anyone will ever be able to meet my Ani standards)

That Ani has business even after the ship has left

A girl’s night with Lollie and Molly to look forward to (thanks for the recommendation Ally!)

A proper cheeseburger finally and real Heinz ketchup!


A meal shared with Medlog and the peace that comes with knowing a relationship is growing stronger

Finding a gym with a really generous reduction for Mercy Ships

i work out

Two really great workouts without rats, cars or comments

That feeling of sore muscles after a good workout

A perfect butterfly massage

A day spent going from one thing to the next with Caroline and a stop for $0.25 dough balls

Keith’s support in all the small ways that most people will never know about (like scanning mail we receive to us!)

My brother’s perseverance and hard work has paid off and he’s graduating from Moody Bible Institute

Perfectly ripe avocados and a perfectly cooked fried egg

A few hours with Sandrine, sharing a meal and conversation

Hours of listening to my Deck 8 playlist on repeat and feeling my heart be renewed

The Africa Mercy set sail and is on her way to Las Palmas

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